Things to Do in Menomonie and Downsville


Disconnect and Enjoy the Views

Wisconsin is full of gorgeous woods, trails, and lakes. Our corner of Wisconsin is no different. Guests at Woodland Ridge Retreat have plenty of ways to explore and engage with nature when not having fun with their crafts.

  • Explore the private trails on 60 acres of woodlands and restored prairie just out our back door
  • Hike, bike, or ski the Red Cedar Trail located 3 block away
  • Visit the Devil’s Punchbowl Nature Preserve with more than 125 native plant species

Explore Wisconsin

There are plenty of ways to enjoy your stay at Woodland Ridge. When you need a creative break, or time at the end of the day to shake things up, Menomonie has many attractions to offer.

  • Dunn County Pottery
  • Downsville Community Museum
  • Caddie Woodlawn Historic Site
  • Mabel Tainter Theater
  • Dunn County Historical Society at the Russell J. Rassbach Museum

Take Some Time for Yourself

Woodland Ridge Retreat is a fully-equipped artist’s retreat, with all the tools you need for creating. In addition, we also provide a wonderful space to relax. Whenever you need some time to yourself, you can slip away to a quiet room, enjoy Wisconsin’s natural beauty, or spend time with other guests.

Enjoy a Quiet Space

Our rooms are perfect for reading, writing, or any activity that soothes you.

Take Refuge in Nature

Take to the trails or head to our collection of parks. There’s plenty of activities for you to enjoy nature.

Socialize with Fellow Artists

Spend time with friends and meet new ones that share your passion for creativity.


Enjoy the Dunn County Barn Quilt Trail

The Dunn County Barn Quilt Trail is a joint initiative from Mary Kolstad and Janine Thull. Barn quilts have been a feature of unique farms through America for over 300 years and distinguish families from one another. Although they waned i popularity during the 20th century, we are seeing a resurgence of them today. 

Visitor at Woodland Ridge Retreat can stop and enjoy the Dunn County Quilt Trail and see the art that makes families across America unique.