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Sewing Through Summer: Maintaining Motivation

We all get into slumps where no matter how many adorable patterns we’ve seen or how full our Pinterest boards get with inspiration, we just can’t get motivated to start, continue, or finish a project. Summer can be exceptionally difficult when you’re trying to balance all the family time and kids being home with your sewing. First of all, if you’re reading this, you’re not alone! It happens to everyone! We’re here to help– whether you need a weekend away at Woodland Ridge for a retreat, want to take one of our classes, or just need a little help getting your sewing mojo back! Here are some tips for finding your motivation when it’s gone MIA:

Take a Break!

Sometimes you need to give yourself permission to take a little break. Maybe you thought you’d have a little more time or perhaps summer is flying by faster than your sewing machine can keep up. Either way, sometimes you can’t get around that block, so embrace it! Set a goal for when you’ll pick everything back up and just enjoy your break! You’ve definitely earned it!

Reorganize and PURGE

Sometimes when our physical space gets cluttered and chaotic it’s impossible to be creative. When you reorganize your space you can calm your mind a bit. Consider how much a change of scenery can help recharge your batteries, now do that to the space you’re in! Plus, think of all the things you’ll find that you forgot about!? It’s an added bonus!

Start Something New

Have you considered that you’re just not in the mood or headspace to do a certain project. Maybe you don’t love it as much as you did when you started. Set it down and start something new. You can always revisit it later on—or don’t! That’s ok too!