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Meet Diana Fox

Hi, I’m Diana. An artist and creator to the core, quilting is my medium of choice. There are so many aspects to the art of quilting that I love—the richness of the community, the tactile nature, learning the basics then bending the rules. Moving from traditional quilting to art quilting to a textile art focus has been a wonderful adventure. 

 I was born and raised in Denver, CO within a large and close-knit family and have never lived more than 20 miles from my place of birth. I travel frequently but could never even consider calling another place home. There’s no place that I’d rather be. Before fully tapping into my creative work, I graduated from Regis University and worked in local government as a Human Resources professional. 

 My family of origin did not have a creative focus and I didn’t step foot into an art museum until I was an adult. As a teen I tried my hand at embroidery and needlepoint, dabbled in tole painting, and a few other crafts, but never settled on anything until I found quilting. While attending a MOPS (Mothers of preschool children) meeting I was invited to attend a meeting of a small local quilting bee, Thursday Therapy. It proved to be a lifeline and I am still quilting with this group of amazing women 40 years later. 

 My work has moved from flat art quilting into the sculptural realm, removing negative space and engaging the area in and around each piece. As a textile sculptress, I prefer to dye much of my own fabric for my creations. I have had numerous pieces juried into national and international shows and have mounted several successful solo exhibitions, including one currently at the National Quilt Museum. I am a Juried Artist member of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) and a member of 4 Common Corners, an invitational art quilt group. I am looking forward to upcoming tapings on both The Quilt Show as well as Quilting Arts TV and I’m an avid quilting teacher.

 In addition to quilting, I am passionately committed to environmental sustainability and my creative work often tells this story. I am constantly dazzled by this amazing and beautiful place we call home – Earth.  Our modern lifestyles often make us feel disconnected and out of balance with our environment, especially if we live in a city made of concrete and glass. It’s my goal to be a quiet activist for our planet. Through my art I hope to inspire us all to stop and observe a sunset, smell the flowers, and remember that we are not separate from but rather a part of nature.  

 I currently live in Parker, CO with my life partner, two rescue dogs, Dolly and Lewis, and two fat cats.

We are excited to host Diana Fox in September for her Tree Rings Workshop. Learn More