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Meet David Owen Hastings

I have been a lifelong knitter and sewist. I’ve been stitching my paper-based artwork for over 20 years, and I’m entranced with the world of modern quilting. I create contemporary designs for quilts and everyday items that I elevate with my own unique approach. Fabric dyeing, printing and fabric manipulation are also a passion. I love helping people explore their own creativity through my workshops and lectures. I’ve traveled to Japan to study traditional shibori techniques using natural indigo dye. In my graphic design office, I work exclusively with nonprofit organizations, helping them connect with donors, supporters, clients and the community through distinctive branding and marketing design tools.

David Owen Hastings Inspired by Architecture

Join David at Woodland Ridge Retreat in 2024 for his workshop “Inspired by Architecture”. David will guide you through the steps to design a minimal, modern fabric quilt… inspired by architecture!

David Owen Hastings Inspired By Architecture
David Owen Hastings Inspired by Architecture