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Getting a Jump on your Spring Crafting

Spring 2020 is all about upcycling by taking older things and making them new again. There’s no better crafting trend for spring! It’s never too early to start spring cleaning! When you do all that spring cleaning and organizing, you’ll find a bunch of old projects you haven’t thought about in months, or random supplies that you can use for new projects. Why not get started right now? As you prepare to work on your spring projects, you may as well take some time beforehand to clean and then organize all of your supplies.

Key Rack

In your cleaning, you may have found a slew of random keys that you haven’t used in years. Why not turn them into something useful, like an upcycled key rack? Just a piece of wood and some keys will come together to make a great addition to your wall, and the perfect place to hang your keys, jewelry, small bags, or pet leashes.

Image Credit: Lori Eanes

Paper Towel Roll Flowers

In your mad dash to clean everything in sight, you’ll probably go through a roll or two of paper towels. Don’t throw those leftover tubes out! You can make a variety of different flower shapes that add a nice rustic touch to your décor.

Paper Towel Roll Flowers

Image Credit: kolleenk

Chopstick Vase

In your cleaning frenzy, did you stumble upon any random chopsticks leftover from Chinese takeout? Rather than leaving them in the drawer to take up space and jam up the drawer, make use of them by crafting a chopstick vase. Attach the chopsticks to a glass vase or jar for an elegant, sturdy vase.

Image Credit: Lori Eanes

As you clean, we also encourage you to finish any quilting projects that you encounter. If you don’t otherwise plan on finishing them, it’s time to donate them.