Dunn County Barn Quilt Trail

The Dunn County Barn Quilt Trail is joint initiative of Mary Kolstad and Janine Thull “Barn Quilts by Mary and Janine”

The Dunn County Barn Quilt Project Team has started a Barn Quilt Trail and they are inviting you to participate.

18 barn quilts installed to date and still counting!

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Blakley’s Farm

The barn was built in 1917 to house dairy cattle and horses. There was a wooden staves silo used for storage. The lower level has a tile structure and the upper portion was built with white pine. Eventually and new roof and cables were installed.

It was used for raising livestock before being converted into “The Black Bell” antique shop. It is now used for storage and a wood working shop. The farm is part of the Managed Forest Program and there are over 520 acres of pine and hardwood

The Madison Farm

Stokke Farm

The Stokke farm was settled in the late 1890’s and was built in the early 1900’s. The farm operates as a small, tie stall, pipeline dairy farm milking about 40 cows. The Stokke’s chose the Americana pattern featuring American Flag designs and John Deere colors.

The American Flag design was chosen because the pattern represents “America’s Dairyland and the John Deere green and yellow as there is a long family history in the John Deere business, and John Deere equipment is used on the farm.” The family also likes to collect John Deere equipment.