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Crafting in Quarantine

What better way to fight the quarantine blues than crafting to your little heart’s content? We know just how difficult it can be to stay in your home day after day, avoiding other people and any sort of physical contact. You can start to feel a little stir-crazy, especially after the cabin fever that the […]

Spring Craft Projects

Can you feel it? Spring is HERE! Okay, spring might just be a date on a calendar and snow might still be coming our way, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start our spring projects now and hope for the best. Let’s talk about the top spring craft trends happening right now. Easter Easter is […]

Getting a Jump on your Spring Crafting

Spring 2020 is all about upcycling by taking older things and making them new again. There’s no better crafting trend for spring! It’s never too early to start spring cleaning! When you do all that spring cleaning and organizing, you’ll find a bunch of old projects you haven’t thought about in months, or random supplies […]

Planning the Perfect Crafting Getaway Weekend

It’s cold outside, it’s dark way too early at night, there’s too much snow, and your skin hasn’t seen sunlight in months. Are you feeling the cabin fever yet? Thankfully, we have the best way to cure it! Plan the perfect crafting getaway weekend with all your girlfriends! Take a break from your responsibilities for […]