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Goals and Getting Organized

This year my goal has been to clear up unfinished projects. I promised myself for every two completed projects from prior years I could start a new one. The three projects on top are old projects that were quilted (by me on my Juki Sewing machine) and bound in 2020. The quilt on the sofa […]

Finishing up Your WIPs

What’s your resolution for the New Year? How about making a resolution to finish up all of your sewing/quilting works in progress? It’ll set you up for an organized new year and it’ll take away any sort of anxiety you feel about unfinished projects piling up. To begin tackling your WIPs, you must first gather […]

Cozy Winter Projects to Keep you Warm

Are you finishing up last-minute holiday gifts? Or trying to finish up your cold weather projects? We’ve got the ideas for quick projects that make great holiday gifts and perfect cozy projects that will keep you warm all winter.   Wool Felt Ball Coasters Did anyone on your list just buy a home or move […]

The Value of Handmade Gifts

Choosing a gift for your loved ones—whether it is for a birthday or a holiday—can be a difficult task, especially for the person who owns everything. How do you find the perfect gift that won’t be tossed under the bed or worse, re-gifted next year? That’s where handmade gifts come in; they’re invaluable. There really […]

Choosing the Right Sewing Machine Needle Part 2

Now that we’ve covered the basic parts and pieces of sewing machine needles and that the variation in needles is determined by the shape and size of the parts, let’s look at some actual examples of the different types of sewing machine needles:   Universal Needles have a slightly rounded point and come in various […]

Choosing the Right Sewing Machine Needle—Part 1

Whether you’re just learning to sew, are a seasoned pro, or find yourself somewhere in between the two, one thing is certain; the wrong needle can quickly derail even the simplest project. While all sewing machine needles have the same basic parts, needle shape and size vary depending on what you need. Sewing machine needles […]

Sewing Through Summer: Maintaining Motivation

We all get into slumps where no matter how many adorable patterns we’ve seen or how full our Pinterest boards get with inspiration, we just can’t get motivated to start, continue, or finish a project. Summer can be exceptionally difficult when you’re trying to balance all the family time and kids being home with your […]

3 Sewing Projects to Heat up the Summer

It’s no secret that the summer months can get a little crazy—between holidays, family get-togethers, summer vacation, graduation parties, and trying to spend as much time outside as possible, it can be tricky to find the time to sew. That said, studies indicate that taking time for your hobbies releases just as much stress as […]