Committed to spreading the art of quilting to the next generation

Chris Daly – Owner and Director

For as long as I can remember sewing has been part of my life. At an early age I used to stay awake from my afternoon naps exploring all of the fabrics on the scrap quilt my great grandmother hand pieced and hand quilted. Our family has a history of quilters and seamstresses going back for generations. My mother made all of our clothing and taught me to sew at an early age. She also passed on her love of needle arts. As a teenager I sewed and designed many of my own clothes. I also made extra money by embroidering clothing for friends.

“Pixilated” – Created for the Art Quilts Around the world sejf portrait challenge

“Goddess of the Last Minute” – Created for Art Quilts Around the World Self Portrait Challenge 2013

One of my goals as a business owner is to bring the art of quilting to the next generation. I have had the privilege of taking classes from many professional teachers, skilled guild members and learned much from the challenge groups I have joined. All of these experiences have pushed me to be a better quilter and have made me the artist I consider myself to be today. I hope to pass these skills on whether through shared experiences at the retreat or classes taught by local and highly respected teachers.

As you can tell my focus is on fiber arts, but we don’t to limit the retreat experience to just quilters. The doors are open to all creative endeavors whether considered a craft or art. Changes to our school curriculum with less focus on the arts have created a need for venues where creativity is nurtured. There is a need to share all we have learned with the next generation to perpetuate our craft.

​Make some time for yourself to create and join us for a getaway from the stresses of everyday life.

The men in my life

Our son Matt currently resides in St. Paul, MN with his lovely, soon to be bride, Annie.

Mark, my husband and biggest supporter. Mark is an retired HVAC tech and former restaurant manager. If he could, Mark would spend all of his days hiking in the woods.

Both of these guys have encouraged me to be passionate about what I do and follow my dreams.

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~Chris and Mark Daly