It’s cold outside, it’s dark way too early at night, there’s too much snow, and your skin hasn’t seen sunlight in months. Are you feeling the cabin fever yet? Thankfully, we have the best way to cure it! Plan the perfect crafting getaway weekend with all your girlfriends! Take a break from your responsibilities for a couple days, indulge in your favorite hobby, and get in some great relaxation time.


Before you set to solidifying your getaway plans, you need to find a location. You want to find the perfect place to create; you can’t just pick some random cabin or Airbnb. You want a place with spacious rooms for sleeping and a large community room that comfortably fits everyone and their supplies. Individual, adjustable workspaces and flat surfaces are a great idea, as well as plenty of power outlets so everyone can plug in their sewing machines. What’s even better? Rooms with a view.

Amazing Food

Many retreat spaces provide meals for a fee, but if you’re heading to a cabin or other space, you’ll want to plan meals ahead of time. You will want to spend most of your time crafting and enjoying great conversation, not stuck in the kitchen cooking for a crowd. Choose items that can either be quickly thrown in the oven and heated up, or dishes that can be made ahead of time, like lasagna and casseroles.


Decide whether you and your friends will go to a specific retreat with instruction, or if you’ll all just take your current works in progress and work on your own projects. Try to make a goal for the retreat. Maybe you want to finish a project, because you’ve been starting project after project but can’t complete any. Or maybe you are looking to boost your creativity. Either way, it can be fun to make individual and group goals for the retreat.


Make a schedule for activities so that the retreat stays organized. You don’t need to plan everything down to the minute, but having some sort of loose plan (times for meals, times for other group activities outside of crafting, etc.) will keep the retreat nice and organized.

The best news? We have the ultimate space for you and all your girlfriends! Learn more about Woodland Ridge Retreat and the current workshops we’re offering: