Calling all sewists and quilters! There is a call for homemade face masks by many of the hospitals in surrounding areas.

Styles vary from location to location. Below is a list of a few organizations that have requested masks and a link to the style that the organiztion has requested. Please let me know if there is a group you are working with near our retreat that should be added.

Twin Cities area:


M Health Fairview

North Memorial/Maple Wood Hospital

Eau Claire

HSHS Sacred Heart

There is at least one local hospital that may need to ration one N95 mask per week to critical care workers. This is another style of facemask that will fit over a N95 masks to help extend its usefulness:

Can you feel it? Spring is HERE!

Okay, spring might just be a date on a calendar and snow might still be coming our way, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start our spring projects now and hope for the best. Let’s talk about the top spring craft trends happening right now.


Easter is April 12 this year, and there are tons of cute ideas springing up. Paint an upside-down wineglass or a rectangular piece of wood white and add cut-out burlap ears on top. Paint a cute little face and you’ve got little bunnies to decorate the house with. Why not decorate the porch with floral displays and wreaths too, so that when guests come over for Easter dinner or the kids gather for an Easter egg hunt, everyone is greeted with a warm welcome? Use pallets or long boards to shape a bunny, then add egg planters. Enlist the kids to help paint carrot or bunny signs. Even make an Easter tree full of colorful eggs or a wreath that looks like a bird’s nest! Check out some more great ideas here:


Pastels seem to always be popular during the spring season, and it’s no different this time around. Pastel fabrics make a beautiful edition to all your projects, whether you’re making quilts, pillows, or cute stuffed animal crafts with the kids. Choose shades of periwinkle, mauve, tangerine, and lavender.

Flower Motifs

Flower motifs for your spring quilts are all the rage this year. They’re the perfect representation of hope and rebirth as plants start to come alive again in the spring. The trend goes over well for quilted table runners and bags too. Add some butterflies into the mix for an adorable baby quilt. Get some great ideas here:

What do you plan on crafting this season?

Top left to Right: Twilight by Vetmari quilt Patterns, Blue Jay Way by Abbey Lane, Original Minimalist quilt design by Chris Daly
Bottom: Goodfellow Quilt pattern and fabrics from Modern Quilt Studio, Pillows inspired by a project from the book Modern Quilt Magic by Victoria Findlay Wolfe

This year my goal has been to clear up unfinished projects. I promised myself for every two completed projects from prior years I could start a new one. The three projects on top are old projects that were quilted (by me on my Juki Sewing machine) and bound in 2020. The quilt on the sofa was started and finished this year. I hemmed a pair of curtains too but decided that they didn’t count against my quilt top backlog. Because I was on a roll I prepared two more quilts for quilting this week. I don’t have sewing time planned until April but they are ready to go when I get a free minute.

I have done a lot in the past couple of years to organize my sewing supplies (more on that soon). I was weeks away from getting rid of this sheet pan rack when I saw that Victoria Findlay Wolfe was using one to organize her works in progress. This technique has helped tremendously. I can always see what needs to be finished. It is easy to move the trays around to prioritize what needs to be done. Wishing you creative days! Chris